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Soal dan Kunci Jawaban PTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 Semester Ganjil

 Berikut soal dan kunci jawaban Penilaian Tengah Semester (PTS) bahasa inggris kelas 10.

Berikut soal dan kunci jawaban Penilaian Tengah Semester (PTS) bahasa inggris kelas 10.

A. Pilihan Ganda

Choose a, b, c or d for the correct answer!

1. Let . . . . introduce myself, I am Alfa. I'm from Pekanbaru.

a. me

b. I

c. my

d. mine

2. Complete the following dialogue

Sarah : . . . . , I'm your new friend. My name is Sarah. . . . . . . . ?

Tessy : Hi Sarah, how do you do, pleased to meet you.

a. Hi - how are you

b. Hi - nice to meet you

c. Hi - how do you do

d. Hi - what's your name

3. Complete the following dialogue

Arfan: Good morning everybody, I would like to . . . . . . . .

My name is Arfan, I'm 16 years old. I study at SMA Patriot, and I live on Jl. Cendrawarsih no 75.

a. tell you some information

b. introduce my friend

c. introduce myself

d. meet a new friend

4.  . . . . home address is P Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney.

a. my

b. I

c. mine

d. me

5. Complete the following dialogue

Judge: . . . . . . . . . . . . . ?

Me: Of course. I'm Nathan, I'm 17 years old. I'm a skateboarder, I've been skating since I was ten.

a. What's your name

b. How are you

c. Can you tell me about yourself

d. Are you a skateboarder

6. This is my friend, . . . . name is Alita. . . . . is from Philippine, We can call . . . . Lita.

a. she -  her - her

b. her - she - her

c. her - her - she

d. she - she – her

7. You and . . . . brother can join the party.

a. you're

b. you

c. your

d. yours

8. They are the students of SMK Pertiwi, . . . . . school is located on Jl. Pertiwi no 107.

a. Them

b. Theirs

c. They're

d. Their

9. Excuse me, you can't sit here, this is my desk, and that desk on the corner is . . . . . you can sit on that desk.

a. yours

b. your

c. you

d. you're

10. Fajar has a motorcycle. He usually parks . . . . motorcycle near Mesjid.

a. he

b. him

c. his

d. he's

11. We are from Indonesia. One of traditional music of . . . . country is Angklung.

a. our

b. us

c. ours

c. we

12. Complete the following dialogue

Randy: I heard you won 10 K marathon last week, . . . . . . . you are great.

Sebastian: Thank you man.

a. how did you do that

b. congratulations

c. oh my god

d. you look so gorgeous

13. Complete the following dialogue

Vika: What is that?

Tony: This is my artwork. This is the picture of my village.

Vika: That's beautiful, well done man!

Tony: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

a. I know

b. No problem

c. Thanks for your appreciation

d. I need your appreciation

14. Complete the following dialogue

Rio: Everybody is talking about you.

Shani: Why?

Rio: Beacause of your spectacular performance on students' got talent yesterday.

Shani: Oh well, maybe I was just lucky.

Rio: Come on!  . . . . . . . . . . . . . Everyone admires you.

Shani: I'm little bit shy actually, but thank you. Thanks for being supportive.

a. be happy

b. you are not lucky

c. you did incredible job

d. be a champion

15. Complete the following dialogue

Peter: Why do you look uncomfortable?

Anita: No, I'm just, I'm not confident to be here among these charming people.

Peter: Don't feel that way, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . with that dress.

Anita: Really?

Peter: Of course, look at you, you're dazzling.

Thank you for lifting me up.

a. you look bizarre

b. you look as usual

c. you look ordinary

d. you look beautiful

16. Complete the following dialogue

Bob: . . . . . . . . . . . with that sun glasses.

Patrick: But it doesn't belong to me.

Bob: It's okay, it doesn't change the way I think about you.

Patrick: You're a true friend.

a. Do you have

b. You look so cool

c. Do you belong

d. You look happy

17. Complete the following dialogue

Your friend: What are you going to do this weekend?

You: I already have plan for this weekend.

I and my family . . . . . . go to Disney land this weekend.

a. is going to

b. am going to

c. are going to

d. were going to

18. "Ibuku akan memasak sup ayam malam ini."

Translate to English!

a. My mom will cook chicken soup tonight

b. My mom won't cook chicken soup tonight

c. My mom are going to cook chicken soup tonight

d. My mom is going to be chicken soup tonight

19. "I am not going to bring laptop to school tomorrow."

Translate to Bahasa Indonesia!

a. Aku akan membawa laptop ke sekolah besok

b. Aku akan meminjam laptop sekolah besok

c. Aku tidak akan membawa laptop ke sekolah besok

d. Aku tidak akan meminjam laptop sekolah besok

20. "Apakah kamu akan menerima beasiswa?"

Translate to English!

a. Do you get a scholarship?

b. Are you going to get a scholarship?

c. Am I going to get a scholarship?

d. Won't you get a scholarship?

B. Essay

Read the following dialogue and then answer the questions!

One day, in a city, in a school, in a classroom

Teacher: Attention please. We have a new friend today.

She has just moved to our town from Bali. She will introduce herself and tell you all about herself, so please come in and say hello to her.

Rena: Thank you ma'm. Hello everyone, thanks for having me today. I would like to introduce myself.

My name is Rena Sofia, you can call me Rena. I am from Bali but I moved here to this city two weeks ago so I think I will be your neighbor and a new friend as well. It's nice to meet you.

Students: Hello Rena, it's nice to meet you too.

Teacher: Welcome to our school Rena, we hope you enjoy studying here.

Rena: Thank you, I hope so.

Teacher: Is it enough for the introduction? Or do you want to ask something to Rena I'll give you few minutes.

Class leader: I have something to ask ma'm. If it's ok . . .

Teacher: Yes please.

Class leader: Hi Rena I'm Alfa. I'm the class leader, welcome to our class. Can you tell us about your hobby?

Rena: Well, thank you. I like dancing, a modern dance like hip hop dance or K-pop dance because I think dancing is way to have an exercise and fun at the same time. Dancing makes me happy and fit.

Alfa: That's a good hobby. We have dance club here in our school. You can join them.

Rena: Thank you, I'll think about it.

Teacher: Alright guys, I think it's enough for the introduction. You can introduce each one of you to Rena at the break time. Now let's get started to the materials.

Rena you can have a seat over there.

Rena: Thank you Mrs. Rita.


1. Who is Alfa on the dialogue above?

2. How long has Rena been in the new city?

3. Why does Rena like dancing?

4. When can the other students introduce their selves to Rena?

5. Who is the teacher's name on the dialogue above?

Read the following card and then answer the questions below!

Soal dan Kunci Jawaban PTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10


6. Who writes the letter?

7. Why does the writer send the card to Thomas?

8. What does the writer say as his appreciation to Thomas?

9. What are Thomas' achievements?

10. Is Jerry a good friend or a bad friend? How do you know?

Kunci Jawaban

A. Pilihan Ganda

  1. A    11. A

  2. C    12. B

  3. C    13. C

  4. A    14. C

  5. C    15. D

  6. B    16. B

  7. C    17. C

  8. D    18. A

  9. A    19. C

10. C    20. D

B. Essay

  1. The class leader.
  2. Two weeks.
  3. Because dancing makes her have an exercise and fun at the same time.
  4. At the break time.
  5. Mrs. Rita.
  6. Jerry
  7. Because he wants to congratulate Thomas on Thomas's success.
  8. "Congratulations on your success."
  9. Graduating from high school with the best score.
  10. A good friend. Jerry appreciates his friend's achievement it shows that Jerry is a good friend.

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